Church Window Restoration
Faceted glass window installation, for Branson Hills Assembly of God, Branson, Missouri.
Glass Painting

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This detail close up shows the typical chipped edges on the faceted glass components created using a special hammer and anvil tool. These chips will refract and reflect the light making the window glimmer in the sunlight.

Faceted Tiles Of Glass

DALLE DE VERRE (French for "tiles of glass") also called faceted glass windows, use one inch (2.5 cm) thick slabs of glass, cut into the desired shapes then selectively faceted on the interior edges to enhance the refraction of light. The design process for a dalle de verre window is similar to that of a leaded glass window. However, the fabrication process is entirely different. The cut and faceted pieces of glass are arranged on a casting table in a mold according to the pattern design. Then an epoxy resin is poured between each piece to create the structural matrix. Finally, the resin is covered with a layer of colored granules. We strongly recommend the use of black or very dark colored granules unless a very specific effect is desired. The black colored matrix will result in a uniform presentation on the exterior of the building, much like a solid sheet of glass. A light colored matrix seems to produce an unsettling disorder that often conflicts with the architecture of the building.

While a protective covering is not required for faceted glass, many architects specify a bronze or tinted sheet of exterior glazing to minimize the impact of the faceted window’s resin matrix on the design of their building. In faceted glass windows, the negative space (the matrix) is even more notable than in the design of a leaded glass window, and its impact on the finished artwork is much more pronounced.


Properly formulated and fabricated faceted glass windows, made with an epoxy matrix, should require no maintenance other than repairing loose glaziers putty or construction sealant around the perimeter of the panels where they are set into the frame.

However, older faceted glass windows fabricated with a portland cement matrix may require extensive repairs and restoration over time. A professional stained glass restoration company should be consulted for problems on this type of window.