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Stained Glass Church Window Restoration
Bovard Studio Stained Glass Restoration & Hurricane Code Glazing at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Tampa, Florida

Featured Project of Stained Glass Church Window Restorations

The completed and installed restoration of the Tiffany "Job" window at St. Luke's Church. Photo by Richard Gross.
A short list of some of our more interesting restoration engagements is provided below. Please contact us for the names and contact details for these projects.
We can also provide a more extensive list of Church Windows Restoration projects should you require it.

As restoration experts with an outstanding track record, Bovard Studio knows how to avoid the pitfalls of restoration and the risks of losing priceless original artwork.

Successfully restoring your valuable stained glass church windows requires:
  • High levels of professional craftsmanship
  • Great artistic talent
  • Tight project management to ensure completion on time and on budget
  • A full service provider
  • Dedicated and caring customer liaison
As our customer your restoration aspirations are our goals and your delight is the measure of our success. At Bovard Studio we all feel strongly that we are in this business because we love it. We will be delighted to answer your questions and concerns, call or email us.